First things first

So, it’s been about a year and 5 months since I came back from the month-long exchange in Japan. And now I’m going to be going back at the end of the year.  So I just got a few more things to take care of before I am all set to go. I gotta get a doctor’s note saying I’m clean as a whistle, no diseases to speak of. I gotta get a bank statement saying I gots enough in my account so that I don’t run out during my first month in Japan. And I gotta write a letter of motivation – detailing my motivation for wanting to go to Japan. Got my plane ticket, got my night bus ticket (for going from tokyo to osaka), got my passport, got my groove back. 

Mainly, I gotta take care of things like deciding what to bring, what worldly possessions to sell off in order to lighten my load and get some money, and what things I want to do and with who before I go. I also want to get lots of music stuff done. Me and Ryan have started working on some more Christmas tunes we’re gonna record. We gotta do some shows too! I know it, you know it, does the world know it?


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