Merry Christmas

Today I had Christmas with my mom and her side of the family. It was good seeing everyone and having fun. And I had a farewell party last night, and it was so great. But it still doesn’t feel like I’ll be leaving anytime soon (reality= countdown -> 7 days). It’s weird saying goodbye to people when you don’t feel that sense of imminent distance. 

I’m pretty ready to go at this point, just a few small things to do preparation-wise. What? Wait, what are you saying? Yeah, my visa hasn’t come yet! This process of getting said visa is going through the travel cuts-run SWAP program.  I handed in all the documents 5 weeks ahead of my date of departure (as required), but I’m still waiting for it. It’s worrying. Let’s hope this is a kind of cosmic joke (like so many things are!) and it arrives early this coming week, which would lead to the not-breaking of plans plentifully made. Fingers and heart crossed!


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