All I Want For Christmas is a VISA

Wow. From cautious excitement to sunken resignation to…..VISA arrival! My visa just came a couple days ago after having had worried about it so much for the past few days. But, it’s here now, tucked in tight in my passport, so all is well. Now I’m just making some last minute preparations, packing stuff up, had Christmas first with Sarah, Mai, and Yasuko, and then with my dad and brother today and it was really good. We cooked dinner, and then watched a movie. Superbad. It wasn’t that (super) bad. (<—for Sarah)

Tomorrow is boxing day, which will be my last day here in Kitchener for about a year. I started getting a little sad about leaving today. But this isn’t real yet. Maybe it’ll hit me on the plane, maybe when I get to Japan. In any case, I’ll write again once I arrive in Tokyo.



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