Tokyo – Day One

Hey Mom and Dad!

I`m in Tokyo now in the hostel. My flight got delayed a bunch yesterday. It took 19 hours total. And after getting off the plane I found out that one of my pieces of luggage didn’t get sent. So now they`ll send it to my hotel today, or to Kyoto in a few days. Oh well. Not a big deal. I saw a bunch of friends yesterday, it was really great. We went to a natural food buffet place with all you can drink plum wine, although I couldn’t eat much, had no appetite. Oh yeah, I only slept for about an hour and then a couple minutes here and there on the plane, so by that time I was also feeling slightly nauseous. Haha, but I got a solid 6 hours in last night, so I should be fine. Anyway, I gotta run now and meet with people for lunch. I`ll email again within the next several days.

Love you



Nagi Shokudo in Tokyo – Amazing food!!


At a cafe in Tokyo later with some friends. The cafe was called something like “Coffee and Donuts: And on And”


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