The other side?

Music to listen to while reading this:
Air – “Alone in Kyoto”
Deerhoof – “The Galaxist”

How’s the other side of the planet earth?  Did your ship land safely? 

Yeah, got here okay, although delayed. Also, one of my bags wasn’t sent. It was still in Toronto. But actually, I think it was a good thing because getting to my hotel by subway/walking and then going from my hotel to the trains (2 of them) up and down stairs and everything would have been damn near impossible with the big heavy backpack I had and 2 big pieces of luggage. Yesterday my other suitcase got delivered to my friend’s place here in Kyoto (my friend won’t be here until a few days from now), so that’s good.

I’ve been writing a whole lot since coming. I’ve jotted down pretty much everything I’ve done so far, and things that have happened, as well as some thoughts I’ve been thinking. I’ll post them on my blog soon enough. But right now, my stolen internet is very unstable. I can only use for a minute or so before it cuts out. And it’s very rarely that I can connect at all. So yeah. Things have been an adventure so far. Some challenging situations and other ups and downs, but yeah. Today is new years day so everyone is busy doing family stuff, so I’m stuck at home by myself. It’s kinda lonely. But I’ll survive. There’s no fridge, oven, or microwave here (or chairs or a table for that matter), and so I’ve been getting all my groceries (not so much groceries I guess, but more cup noodles and juice or tea and rice balls) from convenience stores. There are 4 of them a few minutes walk from my house. Healthy healthy. I feel like writing/recording some music, but I have no guitar here, and not even an actual internet connection for samples, just a laptop, mixer and microphone. We’ll see if I can work anything out.

Let me know what your new housemates are like.

Peace, from Planet Japan



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  1. Lol…style free? Awesome.

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