Things I miss from Canada

*Note* Family and friends are a given, so I won’t list them!

Things I miss from Canada…part one:
Red wine
Huether Hotel (beer, hockey, interactive trivia)
Roasted red pepper hummus
Paprika roasted red pepper hummus
Mom’s nuts and bolts
Sesame sticks
Peanut Butter
The House
BBQ-ing on the patio (I know it’s winter still)
Jamming/Rocking (!!!)
Dill pickles
Turnkey Desk
My acoustic guitar
Hulahoop-ing in the rain?



3 responses to “Things I miss from Canada

  1. Peanut butter… SURPRISE.
    Vegan Ninjas.
    Vegan Dominoes.

    They don’t have olives in Japan? Maybe this is the place for me!

    I miss making you vegan treats.
    I read this whole thing. Ktown just isn’t the same without the crew at 50 ahrens in my life.

    Make every day an adventure.
    Love and stuff

  2. ha ash you beat me to it! surprise! guessing there are mushrooms in japan, not the place for me. missing ahrens as well – still taking care of mai and yasuko though! hows the agenda filling up?



  3. Oh my god! That’s what I need in a care package!!! PEANUT BUTTER SURPRISE! Wow, I almost forgot about that gift from the Gods.

    They don’t have olives readily available, but Ive read on some foreigner in Japan forums about a couple stores that might have them, but I don’t know.

    They have mushrooms in Japan, but a different kind. Not as good as portobello.

    I’m glad you’re taking care of Mai and Yasuko. I miss hanging out with all you guys! Go visit Ryan at Ahrens! I’m worried about that little scientist!

    The agenda is filling up nicely at this point! I’m so glad I have it!!!

    OH-OH-OH-bama did it! That could be a celebration song!

    Love you guys!! Miss you guys!! Come visit!! Take care!

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