Welcome to today

Hey there. It’s today there now. Finally. How’s it going?? What you got on the go? Me? I just got back from my first day at the new job. Taught 3 lessons, just kinda throwing myself into it. At first I was kind of panicking a little…a lot. But it was all cool when all was said and done. And meeting two of the office ladies there afterward and talking for a bit was cool too. It’s neat meeting Japanese people here (that I never knew before).


I feel like I have/had a wee bit of a head cold. So I’ve been pounding back the vitamin C lozenges and good vibes and I’m trying a bit of Japanese sake (I read somewhere that it’s a good cold combatant somehow). I hope to get some new shoes tomorrow as my winter hikers are not really cutting it anymore. Plus, they come undone every minute or so (sometimes literally!!! Ridiculousness!). Thursday looks like setting up a bank account. Let’s hope. That’s it.



One response to “Welcome to today

  1. a book-off? looks like a sketchy warehouse to me… if sake isn’t working, vodka usually does the trick

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