I moved….Why?

I won’t forget that song! Haha. I’ll write, Sharon.


Soo, today I moved. I moved out from my friend’s family’s place and into something called the Osaka English House. A big house full of foreigners and Japanese university students. I was kind of nervous coming into, but I introduced myself to (almost) everyone and made lots of conversation and so it looks like most people here are pretty friendly and cool. I was invited to a Nabe party they had here tonight. I gladly accepted while mentioning I’m vegetarian though, so I don’t know if I can eat what everyone’s eating. So the girl organizing the party offered to make a separate vegetarian hot pot for me! So nice of her! Plus, she told me I only had to pay 400 yen instead of 500 yen since I wasn’t eating meat. Looks like vegetarianism is starting to finally pay off! It was good too. Curry Nabe. Talked to lots of people. Got lots of names that I’ll struggle to remember. 


Then….I came to my computer (like, right now) and randomly went to the Anticon (indie record label) website, and even though I just checked like 2 days ago, it says that Why? (my favourite band/singer) has got tourdates in Japan! Say what??? Coming to Japan I had this fuzzy, optimistic idea that since they came here before they might come here again at some point. And yeah, they’re coming in one week to Osaka!!! It’s my year this year, apparently. Good heavens. And if I don’t get to O-O-Obama!


One response to “I moved….Why?

  1. Haha, you better! And spin it around…Japanese songs throw in random English words so do the song in English and throw in random Japanese words.

    “The next stop will be Izumigaoka desu. My favourite place with a Doitsu bakery cafe…PAN!”

    =P Hope you’re enjoying yourself over there!

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