Everytime you leave, the earth tears itself apart…


Hey guys, what you been up to? It’s been far too long, right?

I don’t have much time, but I figured I should get another post up here so that this thing doesn’t feel too neglected. You know neglect is a form of abuse, right? Thank you, university! In one of my private lessons last week with a middle-aged woman, I taught many a sociological concept – the lesson was all about discrimination, sexism, ageism, prejudice, bigotry, etc…. Haha, I forget how it naturally came to that, but that’s some tough stuff for some to learn about, let alone learning it in a second language. But she did well. I like doing private lessons, and letting the theme/lesson arise organically through conversation. It’s fun.

Okay. Some things I’ve been up to lately. Incomprehensibly recounted. Go!


Two friends, in this sorry excuse for a Real World experience, were about to move out. One was moving back in with her family in a nearby city. The other was going back home to Germany. We all had a farewell party for them, consisting of going to an izakaya (japanese style restaurant/bar), then a few remaining people went to karaoke following that. My first time karaoke-ing during this stint here. Good times.


A few days later came the time when the peeps were really moving out. The German had to leave at about 5:30am, which was only a few hours later than my bedtime of late, 2:00ish. So, I thought why not stay up and say goodbye. The other leaving girl stayed up too for the same reason, while the German had to get a few Zzzz’s. He’s a real nice guy, and was the first person I met/talked to in the house, so it was sad to see him go. But I guess, especially in this revolving door of a house, that’s going to be a frequent occurrence.


Anyway, get to the excitement, right??? Right! So, after bidding farewell, I was in the kitchen with the other girl (who was making some riceballs) scrambling some curried tofu for breakie when a big rumbling decided to rumble. To my sleep-deprived mind, this was just due to a train passing. But wait, there are no trains THAT close. My friends, I can now say, I survived my first earthquake in Japan. My friend was freaked out ’cause she still remembers the big Hanshin/Kobe earthquake of ’95 which was actually really bad (while this time it was just a little sugar frosted quaker). No-damage earthquakes = good times.


Later that day, following some much needed rest, I decided to make some kind of curry. I’ve never made curry, and I had no idea of how to make curry. But why should that stop anyone!!! So, I chopped up some onions, tomatoes, sweet potats, carrots, tofu, etc.. I started shaking my bottles of curry powder, garam masala, cumin and turmeric like a mad man. And voila. Head-first-maybe-curry! It was quite delicious. I also added a little trick I learned from Sarah, by adding in a bit of wasabi! Not too much to make it spicy or overwhelming, but just to lend it’s talents to the taste. Good job, man, you came through.



Also recently, I hit up Osaka Castle Park last week with a fellow English teacher at my school, and we checked out some bands there. It was quite fun. One band was quite the spectacle. They had a group of maybe 20 or more people with them dressed up gothic-ly, with faces painted white, along with army men, school children, etc all doing choreographed movements to their crazy metal music. And throughout the day, when they weren’t actually performing, they’d have some of these people in all black and facepaint walking extremely slowly….with huge clocks on their back. Huh?! Yeah! Okay, I can deal with that!



One band in particular I really liked (joy), and ended up buying their CD. It was a beautiful day, and for lunch we ate our subs in the park! That’s right, there’s a couple of ‘Subways’ here. They’re hidden away, but the sub I had (veggie and avocado) was not too shabby. A good day all in all, and apparently every Sunday they do this kind of thing there.


The following night, I met up with a couple friends in Kyoto. First we went to an English pub, which was OK, but the alcohol is expensive of course. So we decided to hit up a liquor store, get some stuff, and then chill by the Kamogawa river. I must say, having open liquor in the streets not be illegal is pretty liberating. Haha. However conflicted I felt about it.





3 responses to “Everytime you leave, the earth tears itself apart…

  1. Hey Kyle!

    I am glad that you are doing well in Japan.
    I was reading your comment and looking at pictures, and I felt Japan is interesting and strange (?) country especially when I looked at the last pic lol

    I am almost finishing up my classes and going to take a short class inUK and a trip in Europe in April through early June =P but I really need to find a job so that I can spend money in Europe and can stay in Canada after graduation.

    Good luck on your jobs =)
    miss u~

  2. Hippogriff….hahaha…what a great band name.

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