Yo guys, I just made hummus for the first time (unsupervised). Gotta say – good job, man! I thought it was about damn time.

One can o’ chickpeas, check.
One non-vehicular lemon, check.
Garrrlic, double check.
Something resembling tahini, that I found at the grocery store, some kind of sesame paste, regardless….checkity-check.
Cumin, salt, shichimi (Japanese 7-spice), cute mini-food processor. Yup.
Process the shit out of that stuff! (the good kind of processing)

Keep changing ratios of ingredients, see what it needs.
Annoy studying person who’s sitting at the dining room table with noisy processing of food, over and over to perfection.
Eat with brown rice bread (since Japan is just SOOOOOO advanced that they think they’re better than the pita).
Share with housemates.
Receive compliments upon compliments regarding how amazing hummus is from people who’ve never had it before. Welcome to culture, Japan!
Oh, and also turn red and turn away embarrassed when your American housemate with a history of hummus having says it’s perfect. All on the first try, guys. Come on. What’s up with that??
Write a cleverly titled post on your blog detailing how amazing you and your hummus are. Done. Thank you.


3 responses to “Yum-mus

  1. aieee! what else to say? you remembered the garlic! good work! now its time to start experimentin’.

    if you make yummy hummus, are you a hummer?

  2. Kyle – when I get home tonight I will look up the infamous “Song of Hummus” – a recipe for hummus from the famous Rolfie turnkey alumni. You will appreciate it. I’ll send it along to you tomorrow (if I can track it down in my messy array of recipes…..)
    Enjoying your tales.

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