Kyle in Japan: take 2, week 1

My first week in Japan, eh? Good and not so good. But overall not so bad.
Saw a bunch of people I hadn’t seen in a while, so that was really cool.
But since the day before leaving Canada I had a little tickle in my throat, and in the past few days it turned into a little pain in my throat – hurting every time I swallowed. Bad thing, right?

NO! Well, yes, bad thing – painful. But it also lead me to my very first Japanese Doctor’s Office experience.
I messaged my friend to see if she would mind going with me, since it’s a bit of an intimidating thing. Not knowing the protocol at all and so on.

Turns out she was already there! So it wasn’t a big deal to run over there and hang with her and then go in together to see the Doc. He was a nice guy. He quickly dealt with my friend and then me. Stuck a camera in my mouth, so we could both see it on the monitors, asked me some questions, and gave me the appropriate medicines (anti-biotics and anti-inflammatories) to help get rid of my sick soon. Having no health insurance I was expecting a hefty bill, but it only came to about $35. I can deal with that. Having only taken the pills once, I’m starting to feel a bit better already. (That might be purely psychological, but I have no problem with that.)

In other news, I’m gonna be doing some more work as an executive member of the Vegetarian Festival Japan NPO, so I’m excited about that. I’ll be doing some more translation work for the website and at the next event: Vegan Earth Day Kyoto 2010. I’ll also be trying my hand at a commercial of sorts as well as translating some non-Japanese recipes to Japanese (maybe making videos for some of those?).

I went to see a Deerhoof concert on the 23rd, and they were absolutely amazing just as the last time I saw them. As it turned out, one of the vegetarian festival members was also big into Deerhoof and some other bands I love. So we ended up meeting up at the show and then have since planned a couple other shows to hit up in the near future. How exciting. Someone to not only indulge my weird vegan tendencies with, but also my weird musical tendencies.

Music swimming through my head of late:
Broken Social Scene’s new tracks – “World Sick”, “Forced to Love”, “All to All”
Dirty Projectors
Burt Bacharach – Raindrops keep falling on my head (such a wicked song I’ve rediscovered – the end is amazing)


2 responses to “Kyle in Japan: take 2, week 1

  1. so glad your throat didn’t develop into our bronchitis but so sorry you got it at all…..having said that, we didn’t get a sore throat so maybe we didn’t give it to you! also glad to hear your trip to the doctor didn’t break the bank…and of course that you are feeling better……don’t forget to take ALL the antibiotics, even if you feel better…

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