End of Week #2

Hey yo!

End of my second week here in Osaka and yeah, started the new job. Seems like it’ll be pretty alright. The hours run a little late (until 10:00pm), but that seems like the only major trade-off. Yesterday I went to my friend Chojin’s birthday party/Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) party. We went to an area called Sakurashukugawa and there were Cherry Blossoms everywhere there. Didn’t end up taking pictures, but here’s a tree from in front of my house.

In other news, I started a blog about my veggie life here in Japan. If you’re interested, that can be checked out over here y’all: Kyle’s Veggie Life

I went to Chojin’s new place is Kobe last week and beforehand went to a nice vegetarian restaurant there with Kumi. Chojin was making 2 kinds of liquor at home. One from coffee and one from strawberries!

Catch ya later!


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