April showers bring May birthdays!

Hey guys, it’s been a while.

A bunch of things have happened. I climbed another mountain (not near the size of Mt Fuji but a good hike nonetheless. I moved rooms within my house to a much nicer, more fully equipped room. Got my first pay from the new job. Helped put on Vegan Earth Day Festival Kyoto across 2 days this past weekend. Been hitting up veggie joints a lot, hanging with pals, working, cooking, and all that JAZZ. Oh yeah, I went to a pretty sweet jazz concert recently. It went from 12 noon to 12 midnight. 10 or 11 bands played. The last one being my favourite Japanese band “NATSUMEN”. They were amazing – so much energy! God damn!

Anyway, ain’t got too much time and I’m a lazy bastard, so this has been a very forced update, so I apologize, but I don’t.

Music I’ve been jammin’:
Broken Social Scene – Forgiveness Rock Record (new record!)
The Most Serene Republic – Fantasick Impossibliss (new EP!)
NATSUMEN – Never Wear Out Your Summer (not new, but great!)

Peace out.

Catch ya next time with a more detailed update….?


One response to “April showers bring May birthdays!

  1. Forgiveness Rock Record is awesome man. Seeing them in a few weeks.
    Jazz festival sounds like fun.
    2 new Arcade Fire tracks are out, they’re dope.

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